Nurture Yourself

Nurturing your physical body is a demonstration of you loving yourself and should be a top priority in your life. One very useful tool that is available to you to truly nurture and love your body is massage therapy. Like all of us, your life is busy and you spend most of your time nurturing others. Why is it that we make ourselves the last in line and we forget to take care of ourselves? Our lives are so stressful, and again we keep pushing through no matter what the outcome, and it all takes a toll on our bodies. We do it because, in most cases, we have to. There are huge pressures in society today that we must all cope with such as school, jobs, (or job loss), children, peer pressure, illness, aging parents, and on and on.

There are many proven studies that show that massage therapy is an excellent modality that nurtures you and helps you to manage your stress, reduce pain, inflammation and headaches, boosts your immune system, reduces anxiety, increases blood flow, and regulates mood, sleep and appetite. And most importantly, it feels wonderful! Massage benefits so many bodily systems including your emotions that it is a very powerful way for you to once again gain control over your life. Relieving physical pain in all its forms allows you to cope with life’s challenges in a relaxed, focused way, thereby opening up the pathway for you to take another look at your life from a whole other perspective.

You can escape from the “ hustle-bustle” of life by taking the time to receive a massage and feel relaxed, refreshed and renewed. It used to be that getting a massage was a luxury, and that may be the case in the elegant setting of a spa where the massage is more for relaxation and atmosphere. And why not go to the spa for the day or week, as it is a delightful experience. However, please consider that massage is more of a necessity these days as you may have needs that require more intensive treatments to resolve your issue(s). Several other styles of massage are available for long-term therapeutic results, even structural improvements, such as: deep tissue massage, neuromuscular massage, myofascial release, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy, and many more. You need to search out the right modality(s) and right therapist for you, and then make the appointment. How often one receives massage depends on your age, nutritional level, stress level, health issues and injuries. Experiment with what works for you. You are in charge of your massage session. Ask for what you need.

Now is the time to nurture you. Give yourself a hug today. Give yourself a massage today. Love thyself today. Be open and receive the gift of touch.

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