2016 Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice Sun Watchers

On June 19, 2016 my husband and I visited the V Bar V Ranch, a Coconino national forest heritage site, in Rimrock Arizona. We hiked about ¾ of a mile to the archaeological site, (yikes, it was 106 degrees), in time for an incredible viewing of the solar calendar showing the light and dark shadow interactions marking the summer solstice. The vertical rock wall is filled with over 1,000 petroglyph images (carvings and drawings on the stone) that represent many of the clan symbols and figures drawn by the Sinugua Indian culture (dated from about 950 A.D. to 1450 A.D.) It is an amazing site on any day, but to witness the two central shadow lines gradually appear right before our eyes as the sun moved across the rock face was very inspirational. It is stunning to me that people during that era were so knowledgeable about time, seasons and planting cycles and so connected to nature and their creator. The “sun watchers” studied the movement of the sun and stars as those shadows lined up with certain symbols on the cliff face at precise times and positions creating their solar calendar. What a great experience to witness their wisdom in action 500 + years later.

I highlight this Summer Solstice experience because it reminds me of my ancient lineage, and resonates deep within my soul the memories of who I truly am. Profoundly I am triggered and awakened to the notion that we are the ancient souls returning now to facilitate Mother Earth and all her inhabitants in the ascension to the 4th and 5th dimensions of creation and beyond to release and transcend old karma.* By returning to this ancient site, I reactivated the spiritual warrior within me, remembering that I have lived here before in another lifetime. I honor this moment in time knowing all my lifetimes are happening simultaneously, as I acknowledge the spirit of my ancestors. I observe in my mind’s eye the ritual of the sun dancers and hear the rhythm of the ceremonial drum mimicking the heartbeat of our beloved Mother Earth.

The powerful symbol of the solstice is a reminder that we are the ones we have been waiting for. Step in to your love, light and the rebirth of you, and welcome the new Earth as the sun stands still for a moment, and shifts us into a new paradigm. Happy Solstice.

*As referenced on page 196 of The Power of Me—Spiritual Tools for the Great Awakening by Dianne Hodges. www.omniversepublishingsedona.com. Available on Amazon.com.

Photo By Ed Hodges


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