The Power of Me

It is inherent in all of us to one day awaken to the notion that there is a deeper, spiritual meaning and purpose to our lives. At this time in our earth history, we intuitively sense a change stirring within us that something big is about to happen. Acknowledgment of this shift in consciousness away from the everyday survival mode is the first step in your spiritual awakening process, as you declare your intent: “I want more out of my life! What is my truth?” These were some of my questions I asked my spiritual guides and myself a long time ago, and my world expanded into many different and surprising directions. And, wow, what an unexpected adventure unfolded before my eyes.

Since there are few road maps for young adults and spiritual initiates to show them how to find their personal path and identify their own inner-truths, I decided a self-help manual would be helpful for learning how to create a life of peace and harmony. I searched the world for answers, where I discovered that my path to self-mastery and spiritual empowerment really resided within me. My explorations encouraged me to share my experiences, so I wrote a book entitled “The Power of Me—Spiritual Tools for the Great Awakening.”

Together, within the pages of the book, we will explore some metaphysical/philosophical concepts and “what if” questions to facilitate a better understanding of the “God-self,” or the Divine within us.

This book offers you a gigantic pep talk in how to be in the world. It introduces several tools to facilitate your own process in your personal spiritual ascension so you can be part of the Great Universal Awakening.

If new to spirituality seeking answers to your life’s challenges, this book will introduce you to many new ideas. If you are a seasoned spiritual seeker, you may gain a new perspective or perhaps be reminded of some forgotten wisdom.

The structure of the book is divided into two parts. Part 1 discusses the universal laws of love, light, free will, free choice and balance (karma.) In the beginning I ask you to ponder the mysteries of what God/Goddess, Creator/co-creator means to you. Other concepts are introduced to shift your perspectives and interpretations of self-responsibility, compassion, ethics, empathy, and fear. I explain many tools, concepts and personal experiences for the spiritual seeker. Imagine you have the ability change your life by activating the power of meditation, intuition and manifestation; or gaining a new perspective on relationships of how to be and how not to be in your interactions with others. I also offer a few tips on how to communicate with spiritual guides and teachers or to protect you from unwanted entities.

In Part 2, I will portray what the Great Awakening means for you and how you can join the rest of humanity in this monumental shift that is about to take place. I explain how one can pass the test to accomplish this grand feat. I also delve into some galactic history to highlight why this great spiritual ascension process is raising us up from the depths of our third dimensional beings to a higher level of consciousness tapping into our creative higher minds. I also share the timetable of the “clearing process” that began in 1987 that is preparing us for this shift.

Your soul is guiding you to look within for answers, to encourage you to increase your awareness and spiritual empowerment, and awaits your initiation into the great awakening. Is this your moment to deepen your search and acknowledge what divinely resonates with you?