About the Author

The spiritual evolution of a biker chick, turned business executive/massage therapist/minister and author, Dianne Hodges has published a powerful guidebook entitled The Power of Me—Spiritual Tools for the Great Awakening. When she is not searching the world for the meaning of life, she is hiking the trails of Sedona, AZ.

Dianne is a communicator, empath and healer interested in being of service to others to facilitate their healing and spiritual awakening process. In all her endeavors, she utilizes many of her own personal experiences and explorations to teach another about their own journey, all in alignment with love, light, free will and balance.

As a communicator, she spent seven years writing and publishing a self-help, spiritual guidebook entitled, The Power of Me, Spiritual Tools for the Great Awakening. (Now available in bookstores and Amazon.com).

Intuitively, Dianne Hodges has known for many years the importance of the great awakening and each of our roles in it especially for our children and grandchildren. It is her own personal philosophies, explorations, and experiences with the spiritual awakening process that motivated her to write the guidebook to help others to understand and trust their own inner “knowingness” and empowerment.

As an empath and healer, Dianne has been a massage therapist and Reiki Master for over 20 years currently in Sedona Arizona. As a massage therapist releasing physical and emotional memories within the client’s body through touch, many times she has counseled the patient through their trauma to release and integrate the emotional flashback or physical pain. Also, as a sensitive empath, many people will open up and reveal their story or issue without any prompting from Dianne. Non-judgmental counseling seems to come natural for her as she easily expresses empathy and compassion for the individual.

Dianne became a Universal Church of the Master (UCM) Licentiate Minister (non-denominational) in 1995 where she blended the healing touch of her hands with the emotional healing of spiritual counseling. Dianne’s healing experience also includes teaching self-massage in an adult education program, plus offering massage to hospice patients. In 2013, she transferred her Ministerial credential to the Esoteric Interfaith Church, Inc. and joined as an ordained Inter-faith Minister.

She has also worked in the corporate world in sales/marketing and management in the newspaper business and later in the health food industry. She earned her BA in Journalism from the University of Minnesota in 1980.

Dianne has traveled to many parts of the world to several of the sacred sites, and was fascinated by the wonderful similarities and differences between the ancient cultures. She is married with one grown daughter and has two grandchildren.

Dianne’s heart-felt compassion and credentials offer credibility, professionalism and integrity as she provides this guidebook to the spiritual seeker. It is her calling to be of service to facilitate a person’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Available as speaker about the Power of Me for groups, book clubs, libraries and book signings.