A Detailed Account of the Author’s Spiritual Adventures

The search for meaning in my life and the transition from my hippie days to the yuppie phase created a major shift within my psyche. I was in my mid 30’s, around 1984-85, when the sacred gateway of my mind blew wide open and my newly-found spiritual awakening process had begun to blossom. Little did I comprehend at the time, how my life would be catapulted into a new direction as I discovered many new “aha” images, memories and emotions of my inner-self.

I was fortunate to grow up in a rural suburb of Minneapolis Minnesota surrounded by lakes and trees and the many gifts of nature. I was protected and nurtured there. The nuns at a catholic school educated me, where I received my spiritual introduction to God at an early age. However, I always thought something was missing from that catholic doctrine.

Hippie and Yuppie Years

I met my husband-to be-at an early age of 17. He was a philosophy major at the University and came into my life just when I was spiraling down into a spiritual hole, as I was very disillusioned with the church by that time. He opened and expanded my mind to other possibilities. He encouraged and supported my pursuit of higher education, the women’s movement and other directions of social, political, and spiritual thought. He is the love of my life as he supported my many whims, antics, adventures, and other obsessive things that had to be done “right now.” We got married when I was age 21 and we had a darling daughter when I was age 28. She is the joy of our lives, all grown up now, and married with two young sons. Those darling boys also bring joy and laughter into our lives.

Those early years in the 70’s were our fun, “hippie” days, riding motorcycles and partying, plus going to school, working part-time and taking care of a baby. I was insanely busy, but we were having a wonderful time. I finally graduated from college in 1980 with a Journalism degree with an advertising and marketing emphasis. Thereafter, we moved to California when our daughter was age 4, and I immediately began working for newspapers working my way up the corporate ladder from sales into middle management.

Like many of the 60’s generation, our “yuppie” phase of our lives had begun as we put aside our hippie hair and outfits, and started to get down to business raising a child and developing careers. After a few years of striving and many successes, I realized that there really must be more to life than this. I had all the externals of my life covered, but it was my internal spiritual yearnings that were craving more. Where do I begin to satisfy this unquenchable thirst for a deeper meaning in my life? I had no idea. What was it that kept propelling me forward to search for more and why did I have this urgent feeling that time was running out. In those early years, I had no inkling what that meant.

Spiritual Leap

My spiritual life took a giant leap when I bought the book by Shirley Mac Lane entitled “Out on a Limb.” Everywhere I went that book caught my eye drawing me in. I repeatedly whispered to myself, “I must purchase that book.” I eventually listened to my inner voice and bought the book. It was filled with many of Shirley Mac Lane’s early adventures into her spiritual awakening. I was fascinated, and asked my spiritual self to send me a teacher like Shirley’s. I wanted to know more about psychics, energy, healing and light. Spirit heard my call for wanting more out of my life, and with wonderful synchronicity, brought the human teachers into my life who would fast forward my spiritual journey.

Influential Teachers Appear

I was initially introduced to a wonderful spiritual teacher and channel of Archangel Michael by the name of Orpheus Phylos. An old co-worker, who was my very first friend in California, introduced me to her. (As I look back at the synchronicity of both life-long friendships, it was all planned and meant to be.) She also introduced me to another teacher and channel of multiple spiritual beings, and her name was Angela DeBry. Little did I know at the time I asked for a teacher to come into my life, what would be in store for me—and oh my, what a wild ride of adventures unfolded right before my eyes and continues to this day.

My biggest leap into my spiritual world happened, as mentioned earlier, around 1984-85. When I met Orpheus Phylos and Angela DeBry, they each contributed extensive and quite interesting points of view on the potentials of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realms. My first encounter was with Orpheus Phylos, when she was giving a seminar and channeled Archangel Michael. Over the years I have attended many of her seminars and lectures enjoying such topics as the four elements of the earth, its grid patterns, ancient civilizations, the cosmos, extraterrestrials, planetary systems, and very important information about the coming new times of political and social upheavals, the individual and collective graduation and ascension of Earth and the Universe–not your everyday topics of conversation, and definitely not on the nightly news. Imagine having the opportunity to talk with a spiritual guide about your past lives, the potential in this lifetime, and its purpose. It was amazing, and yet very difficult to comprehend at first. I was astonished to learn about my past lives as an oracle at Delphi (Greece) and a healer working with the fire element, a communicator, psychic, a star seed and more. Wow, these were astounding concepts for me to understand and to accept about myself. Over the years, I see these patterns of myself emerge as I allow for their possibility. The mandala of geometric word art (shown here which pictorially represents my first name) was a cherished gift from Orpheus. She had been a wonderful teacher and friend for me, teaching me so much over the years. Sadly, my dear friend transitioned in 2014 and I will miss her immensely.

At one of Orpheus’s seminars I met my next influential teacher, Angela DeBry. My life has not been the same since. Angela became involved with a spiritual organization in the l970’s called the “Solar Cross, A New Beginning,” where she taught classes and channeled many of the extraterrestrial beings within the Galactic Federation plus many more. Again it was astonishing to me that someone could do this and not be preachy about it. She always encouraged each student to search for their own path as all roads lead to the Source, and most importantly, understand who you are and what you represent.

The channeled teachings and information were from a higher dimensional realm and always a message of love. It resonated deeply within me as if tapping into old past life memories that said, “Yes! I know this. I remember these universal truths.” It all made sense and I knew it was right for me. I spent several years studying with Angela learning about spirituality and healing from many metaphysical perspectives. Imagine having access to the incredible concepts of the 13 rays, waves and galactic organizations of creation, and the cast of galactic characters who govern them. We also explored other concepts such as multiple dimensions, karma, chakras, mediation, color healing, earth energies, grid lines, as well as early civilizations and their sacred sites such as Atlantis, Lemuria and Sumaria. We also explored individual and collective purposes for being born on Earth at this time to allow for the clearing of old karmic energies and bringing in the new higher dimensions of energy for the rebirth of our planet Earth. We studied the time lines for this clearing process of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, which is still progressing today.

Travels to the Sacred Sites

Several of us in the group traveled to many of the sacred sites to facilitate the clearing of the old karmic energies of the Earth to begin to prepare for the new, higher vibrations and for the new children being born. We studied and traveled to the Yucatan Peninsula and worked on many of the Mayan ruins to shift the blocked energies and release trapped souls. Next we traveled to England and Ireland where we visited the current site of Stonehenge as well as visiting its original site on the Aran Isles. Stonehenge was originally teleported off the Aran Isles and placed into its current location to create a loss of vibration and imbalance for the purposes of using fear and control. Again this dark energy needed to be shifted back to a place of balance. Our next trip was to Greece and the Island of Crete where the last known civilization, the Minoans, embodied a perfect balance between the male and female energies. As you gaze upon their artwork, frescos and symbols, you can perceive the balance and empowerment between the male and female. Portrayed in the artwork that was produced shortly after that civilization’s decline, you begin to see the degradation of the female body as it represented a loss of the feminine power. We also traveled to Athens and Delphi to clear the old energies in those locations as well. Later, our journeys took us to Sedona, Arizona, and Devils Tower in Wyoming to clear the earth energies as well as our own karma from past lives. Today, we don’t physically travel to the sacred sites, but we all work energetically focusing, clearing and invoking love around the planet and ourselves each day whenever we are telepathically called into duty. We each intuitively know are mission.

During my studies and travels with Angela, I met Alijandra, a renowned color healer and teacher. As a healer myself, (although I did not know it at the time,) I was drawn to Alijandra and her teachings of color energy therapy. I was fascinated with the concepts of the healing process by facilitating and empowering the 13 rainbow rays of creation for others and myself. I explored the many facets of the healing process, learning how to ground, clear, balance, protect my energy field and the responsibilities and boundaries involved with being a healer. She and Angela introduced me to Shirley Jenne who became my Reiki energy teacher, again, teaching me the skills to be a Reiki master.

Overall, the classes, meditations, out of body experiences, the interactions and love received from many like-minded people were life-altering events that I will always cherish. I am so much more than just a physical body. I now travel the world with my eyes and heart wide open knowing who I am and what I represent.

I was growing by leaps and bounds in my spiritual life all while I was raising a family and working at a highly stressful corporate job. They say spirit only gives us what we can handle. Whew! I was juggling a lot.

By 1992, my husband and I were growing apart emotionally and spiritually, as he really wasn’t that interested in my newly found quest. That year we divorced and I moved to Albuquerque New Mexico while he stayed in California. As I look back at that move, excruciatingly painful as it was, the dramatic change that was about to take place within me was necessary for my spiritual growth, and to truly begin my mission in this lifetime. I was about to shift gears and start my life’s work–healer and communicator.

Shift into healing/ministerial work

When things are meant to be, they flow without a hitch–and my move to Albuquerque, New Mexico was one such move. As usual, I got a job at the newspaper to sustain me while I was figuring out why I was there. Angela mentioned to me one day “why not check out some of the massage therapy schools in Albuquerque, as you may find like-minded people there.” I opened the phone book and reviewed the list of many massage schools available, and a little light went on, and said, “Yes, this resonates.” I interviewed several of the schools and chose the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics. They had the best massage therapy-training program and before I knew it I was enrolled in their first ever, evening class. How very convenient for me. I graduated from massage school in 1994, quit the newspaper and got a job, part-time, as a brokers’ representative in the health food industry—a perfect match up with my newly found interest in massage therapy and holistic health. After the first year of graduation and part-time private practice, I began studying a more advanced therapy called “Paul St. John Neuromuscular massage.” I joined a study group and got certified one year later. It was the best thing I could do to enhance my massage skills and focus my practice on stress and pain relief. I was more drawn to the diagnostic medical approach to massage rather than the relaxing type of massage, as is found in most spas. It was perfect.

During this time, I again worked with my teacher and mentor Angela DeBry on a ministerial program. I wanted to know more about spirituality, personal growth and hands on healing beyond the touch of massage. With her guidance and support, I earned a Licentiate Minister credential in 1995 (the equivalent of a 2-year associates degree) with the Universal Church of the Master (UCM), a non-denominational church on spirituality where choice of path is an individual endeavor. In 2013, I transferred to the Esoteric Interfaith Church as an ordained Minister to further my studies. It was one more piece of the puzzle that added to my repertoire as a healer and spiritual counselor/communicator.

By this time, my husband and I got back together again and he joined me in Albuquerque. It took us several years to reconcile our issues, but the bottom line was we still loved each other. When you are able to pull away all the expectations, dramas etc., all that remains is love. We hung on to that. (We finally did remarry in 2006.)

After a few years in Albuquerque, we were getting restless so we moved back to California. I took a break from massage therapy and worked for a trade publishing company, and taught self-massage classes in the adult education program in the evenings. I have always believed that change is a good thing and always followed my restless urgings.

Sedona Ventures

Listening to the inner whispers of my soul, we again moved (during the 9/11/01 crisis) to Sedona Arizona where we have lived for over 14 years. It seems our hearts belong in the beauty and peace of the Southwest. As I have gotten older and started to slow down a bit and pace myself better, (well maybe,) I have continued with my massage therapy practice on a full time basis.

No more then I get settled here in Sedona and my expanding, hungry mind has another mission prepared for me. Shortly after I arrived in Sedona, I met Summer Bacon, a wonderful teacher and channel of an enlightened old soul by the name of Dr. James Martin Peebles. Over the years, I have attended many of Summer’s classes and lectures.

Author and Publisher

During one of the classes, Dr Peebles suggested I write a book. I had no idea what to write about. I knew I was a communicator and had the Journalism degree, so I suppose I could accept the challenge. After spontaneously writing down a list of chapter themes and titles in the parking lot of a grocery store one day, and after 7 years of writing and editing, a book has been birthed, sharing with you, the reader, all I have learned on my spiritual journey. It is my desire to be of service to humanity to reach as many souls as I can with words that have come from my heart connecting and resonating with your heart. These words and the energy of love behind them barely scratch the surface of the mystery we call our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies intertwined with the mystery we call God/Source.

Allowing all the information to be revealed from my heart in the form of a book was very hard for me to do at first, as I have been withdrawn and shut down in so many of my past lifetimes (banned from villages, burned at the stake etc.) I have kept all of this weirdness/uniqueness inside myself for most of my life, and tried to hide it deep within so I could “fit in and be like everybody else.” Eventually I realized I had lost my authenticity. Within the pages of the book, I overcame my fears as my self-empowerment and trust burst out of me as I took the risk to surrender and let the words flow. The end result is a book entitled “The Power of Me, Spiritual Tools for the Great Awakening,” I started my own publishing company and I see great opportunities ahead.

This is a new beginning for me as I move into the next level of learning and teaching. One thing I have gained from this process: the acquisition of knowledge, creativity and love is ongoing, lifetime after lifetime. What else can you do with a wild imagination open to all possibilities in the universe?

Joyful Ride into the Future

I still reside in Sedona Arizona. I am getting the itchy urge another personal shift and change lurks around the corner for me, along with the planetary and universal great awakening into the golden age. My life has been an amazing adventure, and I can’t wait to see what potential future my higher self and spirit have in store for me next.