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The Power of Me

To entice you to ponder your own inner power, two chapter excerpts are highlighted here: Chapter 8 on the power of manifestation and Chapter 13 on the power of intuition. These are both innate gifts that we all possess, and many times, take for granted or are not even consciously aware of them. Learn to focus your attention and be present with your abilities to intuitively manifest what you want out of life.

The Power of Manifestation

Imagine the power to shape your life the way you want! If you ask yourself, “Wow, can I really do that?” you will hear a resounding, “YES, YOU CAN!”

As a co-creator, you truly hold the power within you to shape your world. The art of manifestation unfolds as your intent in action—a truly powerful gift. Learn to have fun with it. Play with it and observe your daily interactions as they change shape, shift, and change. You are that powerful…

To put manifestation into practice, you would have a thought or desire, create and express your intention, and the result would be a display or demonstration of your thought acting it out or producing the desired result. One could also call this the “art of positive thinking,” and represents the practicality of spirituality. You bring your thought from the spiritual realms and ground it into a physical manifestation producing an outcome.

You can do this with anything. The desire and feeling must come from your heart and can only be intended for the highest good of yourself and others. You can never do it to harm someone or to create a “spell.” If you attempted to cast a spell, you would harm the other person as well as yourself. In addition, you would create a karmic situation in which, somewhere down the line, someone will do the same evil deed to you. Furthermore, you would not be in a place of integrity, honesty, and self-responsibility.

You can start with small things like parking places and continue all the way up to joining and influencing the collective thought forms of the world for the good of all…

The Power of Intuition: Glimpses of Greater Wisdom

I urge you to learn to trust your intuition and your inner knowingness as you are guided in the direction of your highest good as you flow between your intellect and your innate wisdom.

In your childhood, you were constantly changing emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. You were always going back and forth between periods of equilibrium and disequilibrium.24 This movement back and forth is necessary to facilitate your growth spurts, but it can also be emotionally and mentally challenging until you can get to a place of maturity and feeling comfortable in your body, as you learn to consciously shift between your intuitive self and your logical, reasoning mind. At times, you may rely too heavily on your logical brain to sort out your external environment and all of its complexities and ignore your inner realm…

The important thing is to keep looking within you for the answers on how to live in this physical world called Mother Earth. You have the wisdom already—called intuition. This inner, deep knowing motivates you to make choices and respond with a more instinctive “gut feeling,” without always rationally understanding them. Learn to trust this inner library of knowing and balance it with your reasoning and logic. Please consider that your intuitive abilities are also connected with your spiritual higher self, so it is important you don’t brush aside this intrinsic gift. As we evolve more into the golden age of awakening, we will rely more on our intuitive abilities and less on our ego/rational brains.

Table of Contents


Part 1: Basic Tools, Philosophies, and Laws of the Universe

Chapter 1: Our Journey Begins
Chapter 2: You Are a Co-Creator – A God in Training
Chapter 3: What if God is a Spiral
Chapter 4: Love Yourself
Chapter 5: The Power of Choice
Chapter 6: The Power of Self-Responsibility, with a Dash of Ethics, Compassion, Forgiveness and a Twist of Karma
Chapter 7: The Power of Meditation
Chapter 8: The Power of Manifestation
Chapter 9: Your Personality/Ego versus Your Higher Mind
Chapter 10: The Big and Little Fears and Oh, Yes, the Fear of Death
Chapter 11: I See Spooks in My Bedroom
Chapter 12: Dreams
Chapter 13: The Power of Intuition: Glimpses of Greater Wisdom
Chapter 14: Angels, Teachers, Guides, and Over-Souls
Chapter 15: Conversations with Your Spirit Guides
Chapter 16: Empathy, Love, and Loving Too Much
Chapter 17: The Sacred Relationship Bridge
Chapter 18: Beloved, Be Love, Be Me
Chapter 19: The Lesson of Shadow: “How Not to Be”

Part 2: The Great Awakening

Chapter 20: Graduation/Ascension and the Great Awakening
Chapter 21: The Test
Chapter 22: The Ancient Souls Return: Clearing the Old to Bring in the New
Chapter 23: Mother Earth is Calling You
Chapter 24: If I Only Knew…


It Is All about Our Children
Poem: Remember the Children
The Hundredth Monkey Phenomenon: The Power of Collective Thought
The Solar Cross Song: The Power of Collective Love and Healing
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