A Feather Totem

A Feather Totem

In a meditation, I asked my spirit guides what would be the appropriate pictorial image for the cover of my book. One day, while doing mundane household chores, the image of a feather popped into my mind. What a perfect representation for my book, I thought, and I love it when spirit answers my questions! The purpose of my book is to remind you of your own enlightenment and empowerment. It is as if I give you a spiritual feather in the form of my book, to assist you as you journey close to your heart and god-self, searching for your life’s purpose remembering whom you truly are.

The feather is an important icon, and symbolizes a spiritual connection or evolution to the higher realms. All animals have an inherent, spiritual totem or healing power within them, but birds specifically carry the totem power and symbolism within their feathers. They are physical manifestations representing a connection to the higher spiritual energies. Birds fly high and are closer to God than any other animal. According to Native American legends, the eagle represents enlightenment and spirituality. “The eagle carries your prayers directly to the creator,” a Native American man told me once.

The eagle reminds me of a story, told to me long ago, about remembering the importance of my spiritual connection and appreciating the evolving journey between my physical world and higher consciousness, no matter the challenges and gifts.

A story of transformation: Once upon a time, there was a mouse walking along a pathway up a majestic mountain, where he experienced many challenges, obstacles and life lessons. Determined to reach the top of the huge mountain, he walked, as if blind, and was never really sure of his purpose. Yet there was this inner drive to propel him forward. Fortunately, he had many motivating helpers along the way, who carried him on their shoulders. Once reaching the top, he morphed into a beautiful eagle, flapping his wings, soaring high into the heavens and transforming into an angel. It was in that precious AHA moment, when he realized, “I have returned home to my true essence, journeying for a brief moment in time, experiencing my life as a spiritual, angelic being having a physical adventure.” The energy of the feather carried him home to his creator.

Read “about the cover” at the very beginning of the book to understand more about the power of the feather. It is a tool to guide you, while reading the inspiring chapters, giving you the confidence to fly past your life’s challenges, and believing in yourself, knowing who you truly are and what you represent.

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