Author Networking and Book Gifting

Author Networking and Book Gifting

On Wednesday, October 28, 2015, I met Maia Kincaid and presented her with a complimentary copy of my Book. She is also an author of 5 books (plus one pending), and it was a delightful breakfast meeting sharing our thoughts and ideas for writing and marketing our books.

Maia and I met several years ago when she came to see me for a massage therapy session. We became friends, and she shared her nature stories with me, as well as learning about her techniques through her books. I also had a channeled reading with her to learn about my two deceased kitties. Her insight was profound for me, knowing my two cats were happy and that one of them was still with me spiritually. I was impressed with how lovingly she communicates with the natural world.

In my book, in Chapter 15, entitled “Conversations with Spirit Guides” I share how Maia uses the question and answer technique to communicate with animals—those that have passed on or those still living. Like Maia, I also use the question and answer technique to converse with spirit. Our guides and teachers are waiting for us to ask a question, so they can communicate loving messages to us, if we are willing to listen for the whispers from our spirit guides. Explore chapter 14, as well, to learn about more about angels, teachers, guides and Over-Souls. You can also visit Maia on her web site to learn more about her stories with the nature kingdom at

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